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About Us 

About Us 

Thank you for visiting the website of Home 90210. We hope that through this website, you are inspired to go and visit us at our very beautiful location in Beverly Hills, California.  

Home 90210 started as a small hole in the wall entertainment centre in the Beverly Hills area, We are proud to say that well-known singers, bands and celebrities have actually started their careers in our restaurant. Some of them have offered their singing talents and more in serenading and entertaining our restaurant patrons. Over time, with the help of our front acts and of course our mouthwatering food and offerings, more people started to come and this made us quite well-known. Now, we are technically an institution in the Beverly Hills, California area. If you are looking for the best place for music, entertainment and food, there is no place better than Home 90210.  

Our only request is that before you visit us, you either call us or send us an email to reserve a table. Most of the time, we are always booked. To save you from an inevitable waiting time, we strongly suggest that you contact us for table bookings.  

Know that Home 90210 is an advocate of the farm to table scheme. When you come to us, expect to be served with only the best and the freshest ingredients. This is because all of the food that we serve come straight from nearby farms in California. The ingredients have been carefully chosen and well-prepared to lock in the freshness for your enjoyment. Even our wines and cocktails come straight from award-winning artisanal breweries from only the very best wine regions in the world.  

So what are you waiting for? Book a table and visit us now. We assure you that you will definitely have a wonderful time.