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Mae, 25 

I absolutely love going to Home 90210. Whenever I go there, I see a lot of celebrities. It is also the place where some of today’s hottest singers and bands got discovered or at the very least started their careers. So if you want to meet the hottest stars, just herd of to Home 90210 now. But of course, let me add that they also have the best food, perfect for dining and relaxing.  

Miriam, 28 

While Home 90210 is quite well known for hosting today’s hottest musicians, it is also known for providing a quite place for couples who are on a date. If you want to have a quiet and private time for you and your loved one, request for an area inside their garage with a glass garage door. This has been converted into another wonderful restaurant.  

Marc, 40 

I really like the bottles of wine that Home 90210 offer. Most come from small breweries, known for providing only the very best wines. Get wine from various parts of the world — France, Italy, Chile, Australia and more. Whatever you want, Home 90210 can definitely help you out. They also have well-trained waitings who can assist you.  

Stacey, 28 

I got engaged in Home 90210. I was so glad that the waiters were very helpful to my fiancé. They helped him plan everything to give me the biggest surprise of my life. Thank you so much for making my husband’s proposal all the more meaningful.