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The world’s best luxury hotel and restaurant.

by Alfredo Walker
The world’s best luxury hotel and restaurant.

Highway travellers are calling

Leaving the threat of the cities behind, road trips and long car journeys can be enriching. Treat yourself to a drive through the Haryana Highway, where the roads are adorned with lush green trees, as you drive through a rustic setting overlooking beautiful suburbs, grassy fields, and the flock of birds grazing in the wide blue sky. You can also always take a break by making a pit stop at The Diwan Motels, the best highway hotels in Hisar and Rohtak, equipped with an excellent restaurant, one of the best in Bhiwani, serving delicious vegetarian dishes while the young children enjoy the play area with swings and slides. And if you want to relax after a delicious meal, the hotel also offers luxurious rooms at affordable prices.

Located between Hansi and Rohtak, the location is one of the most attractive features of Diwan Motels. It is the best hotel in the nearby areas, including Jind, Bhiwani, and Hisar. Therefore, while travelling on National Highway 10, for work or leisure, Diwan Motel poses as the most accessible option. With the best restaurant in Hisar serving pure vegetarian food, you can stop here for a quick bite as well as an overnight stay.

The perfect place for kids to enjoy:

Worried about what your kids will do while you take a break from travelling on the highway? Let them loose and let them enjoy the swings and slides in our children’s playground.

Out of love for the family, Diwan Motel & Restaurant, with the best banquet hall in all of Rohtak, has emerged as an ideal choice for organising family gatherings, parties and wedding ceremonies for people near Hansi, Rohtak, Meham and Mundhal. With a user rating of more than four stars (put the link of review), Diwan Motel has accomplished a lot in winning the hearts of its customers. Providing superior services and facilities, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the event while we, the best hotel in Rohtak with the best vegetarian restaurant, take care of everything for you.

Designed with classic interiors that don’t compromise on functionality, our banquet hall is the best in Rohtak. That’s why we have hosted over 25 birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and family reunions within two months of opening.
food lovers who love authentic vegetarian food will be totally satisfied at Diwan Restaurant, the best in Jind and Bhiwani. The food here is prepared with Haryana’s Shudh desi ghee and offers a menu that tantalises your taste buds. Our food not only tastes great but also feels great.

The perfect place to stay:

With a flattering infrastructure, first-class hospitality, the best banquet hall in Rohtak, the best vegetarian restaurant and luxurious rooms, Diwan Motel redefines class, comfort, and convenience, making it the best hotel in Rohtak, Hisar, and Hansi.

Stay at the Diwan Motel to treat yourself and your family. See you soon.

Looking for the best luxury hotel on the Rohtak-Hisar highway? Visit our motel, the best hotel in Hisar and the best among Hansi hotels. Beautifully located, it is one of the best cheap hotels in Rohtak.

The best all-you-can-eat buffet lunch in Sydney!

by Alfredo Walker
The best all-you-can-eat buffet lunch in Sydney!

Why settle for one when you can have many? No, this is not a dating post, but a piece of food trying to help you find the best buffet lunches in Sydney! If you like good food, an all-you-can-eat buffet is a paradise, where you can taste dishes from around the world in one meal. It is no wonder buffets are a very popular choice for dining, despite being more expensive than a normal meal in a restaurant.

Being a melting pot of culture, Sydney is a great city for fine dining, so the buffets here are well stocked with dishes from around the world. Seafood lovers will be especially pleased, as buffets offer multiple options of shrimp, squid, crabs, and even freshly shelled oysters, all of which you can have to your heart’s content!

So here’s a list of popular joints in Sydney that serve good buffet lunches. Stick to breakfast with toast and coffee, if you really want to get your money’s worth!

Cafe Opera

Located in the Sydney CBD, Café Opera is part of the InterContinental hotel and is known for its seafood buffet. With plenty of fresh seafood options, one of the main elements of the buffet is the “grilled fish of the day. Other seafood options include salmon, squid, and crab prepared in a variety of cuisines from around the world. Protein options are also available, such as pork and poultry. More seafood options await in the cold selection with smoked salmon, tiger prawns, rock oysters, mussels, octopus, etc. Sashimi and sushi options are also available. For dessert, you get a selection of fruits, chocolates, and cheeses. The Sunday lunch buffet is accompanied by live jazz and free sparkling wine.

The Magic Buffet Lunch Cruise

How about a buffet lunch cruise on Sydney HarborThe Magistic Sydney Harbor lunch cruise is great value for money. You will get a continental selection of seafood dishes, from fresh shrimp to fried fish, as well as a variety of meat dishes. Vegetarians will not feel left out as there are multiple choices for them to dine on. No meal is complete without dessert, and there’s chocolate cake, tiramisu, and more! In addition to eating, this lunch includes a cruise on a million-dollar luxury catamaran, where you can see the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge up close.

The Harvest buffet at The Star

A buffet befitting of royalty, the Harvest Buffet is a feast for your senses with a continental selection of dishes. From traditional roasts of beef, pork, chicken, and fish fillets to Indian dishes such as butter chicken and biryani, Asian meat dishes like Pad Thai, and original Italian pizzas and cannelloni, the spread is diverse. From Thursday through Sunday, it’s a seafood buffet with an extravagant spread of oysters, shrimp, crabs, clams, fish, sushi, and more. No buffet is complete without dessert, and you get not one but three chocolate fountains (for white, milk, and dark chocolate) and many other options. Finish the meal with local and imported cheeses and fruits.

5 Fall Catering Ideas for Inspiration.

by Alfredo Walker
5 Fall Catering Ideas for Inspiration.

Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party, a casual get-together or even running a professional catering business, fall is a great time of year to get inspired.

With vibrant colours, smoky aromas, and colder days, hearty comfort foods and fresh seasonal produce are the order of the day!

Below, we explore five fall catering ideas that will inspire you for the new season.

1. Seasonal Items

It’s a great idea to use fresh, seasonal produce whenever possible, but fall can be extra exciting! The fiery colors, earthy flavors, and endless array of spices in both food and drink can stimulate the senses.

If you have the option to also use local produce, such as from a local grower or farmer’s market, even better. But if not, just use fruits and vegetables that are appropriate for the time of year.

Cinnamon apple pie, a hearty root cake or stew, and a roast dinner are all favorites—along with the highly seasonal pumpkin spice! Whether you and your guests prefer sweet or savory, light or filling, autumn has a range of suitable ingredients and flavours to choose from.

Bonfire Night

The popular British tradition of Bonfire Night is a great opportunity for a variety of fall flavors. Toffee apples, hot chocolate, sausages, and parkin are often favorites.

Host your own party from home-no matter how big or small-and make it family-friendly with a fruit punch for the kids and a themed cocktail for the adults. You can also pack your own fall picnic and take it to a local bonfire. Tasty sandwiches, granola bars, and a bottle of coffee would all be spot on.

However you celebrate it, fall can be a great time to take inspiration from the holidays and festive traditions happening all around you—including Halloween and the Harvest Festival. See what you can enjoy in your area and create your own events too!

Plant-Based Options

Because seasonal produce is so distinctive and enticing at this time of year, there’s never been a better time to explore plant-based options. Make the most of your fruits and vegetables with fresh, tasty recipes, and don’t hesitate to look up online resources if you’re unsure.

More people than ever before are reducing their meat intake and increasing their vegetable consumption. This can have very beneficial effects on both your health and the planet. Why not start by making one of your own personal favourites more plant-based, such as a hot dog, burger, or chosen soup? There are more plant-based options available than ever before—even for your favourite meat and cheese styles!

If you cater to guests—or run a culinary business—offering a plant-based option is always highly appreciated. It’s not just for vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies. Plant-based eating can be healthy, vibrant, and exciting; ideal for adventurous meat eaters!

4. Oktoberfest

Why not get some inspiration from abroad this fall season? Celebrations like Germany’s Oktoberfest are becoming more common—London is celebrating its own version!—and they often have great food ideas.

Sausages (including plant-based options), pretzels, fresh bread, quality beer, and more can all be found-often by a roaring fire or in a cosy pub. Create your own party outside at a barbecue or in the cosy seclusion of your lounge.

As the nights draw closer, celebrations and gatherings over dinner are a great way to keep the spirits high during the darker months. Food has long been known for its many mood-boosting properties, and fall is a great time to take advantage of them!

5. Special hot beverages

A certain famous coffee producer launches their Pumpkin Spiced Latte at this time of year-so why not make your own? A wide variety of fall flavours are perfect in drinks, even if you don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal.

For example, adding cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg will instantly make a drink feel more warming and soothing. You can be inspired by fall favourites such as apple pie, spiced cider, hot chocolate and pumpkin dishes. Be as creative as you dare!

Hot drinks are also a great way to cuddle and connect with loved ones on cooler evenings, as well as endlessly invite guests and clients!

Discover traditional Italian flavours in Casabianca, NYC.

by Alfredo Walker
Discover traditional Italian flavours in Casabianca, NYC.

Authentic Italian in NYC.

No, you don’t have to visit Italy just for a meal! Fortunately, there are a lot of restaurants in the area that let you taste authentic and traditional Italian dishes here in New York. While there are some average Italian places mushrooming all over the city, Casabianca NYC is the “ristorante” to enjoy a traditional meal. It is a family restaurant that invites you to enjoy reinvented recipes with the typical flavours of authentic Italian dishes.

Casabianca’s menu is designed to introduce true Italian cuisine to New York gourmets. They have many secret Sicilian recipes that will simply blow your mind. Judging by the reviews, their granny slices are to die for! Just one bite of their slices and you’ll be back for more in no time. Garlic Knots and Parm Hero are among the most popular dishes on the menu. Also, they never go wrong with their pasta sauces—Vodka, Alfredo, or Bolognese—which are all made fresh and in-house using age-old recipes. Dive into their specials for a tour of Italy’s culinary history.

Traditional, fresh and homemade.

At Casabianca, serving fresh food is always the top priority. Quality is not only guaranteed in what is served on the table and delivered to your door, but also in what goes into preparing the meals.

All herbs and ingredients are carefully picked and no frozen foods are used. From the meat to the vegetables, everything is sourced locally. Sauces are made fresh every day, as is the bread. And you can clearly taste that in their dishes!

A perfect family meal

Casabianca’s menu is a delight if you plan a loving meal with your family. There’s loads of good stuff to discover, spanning appetizers, pizzas, pastas, heroes, sandwiches, entrees, and more. Then there are also specials and baked surprises. You can choose your traditional Italian order or explore the Sicilian secrets with their specials. Either way, it will be a great meal to enjoy and share. Finish your feast with a sweet treat in the form of cannoli or tiramisu. To round off a great meal, the atmosphere in Casabianca is perfect for having a great time and a delicious meal.

What to Look for When Hiring a Kosher Caterer in London

by Alfredo Walker
What to Look for When Hiring a Kosher Caterer in London

What should you look for in a kosher London caterer?

There are a few things to think about when looking for kosher caterers in London to make sure your special day goes perfectly.

Food is one of the most important parts of your event, and if it goes well, it’s what all your guests will be talking about for days after your event.

A big part of planning an event focuses on the food you want to serve your guests.

The process of figuring out how many people to care for and deciding what foods to put on the menu to serve is hard enough. That is what makes caterers so important for events.

Often, good food can make an event even more memorable.

Finding the right caterer is critical to the success of any event, big or small.

The main things to consider when choosing your caterer are the following:

1. Menu

Does your event call for a specific type of food? Do you have a favourite dish you would like to enjoy on the big day? Are there any guests with additional dietary requirements or allergens to be aware of? It is important to have an idea of the kind of catering menu you are looking for.

2. Affordability and budget

Catering can vary greatly in price depending on the types of dishes served, the number of courses, and, of course, the size of your event. Knowing your budget in advance can help you focus your search for a kosher London caterer on only those within your price range.

3. Service quality

Every event, no matter how big or small, deserves an exceptional quality of service. However, different kosher London caterers offer different levels of service. For example, some just deliver the food, while others can provide full silver service with wait staff. It is important to consider what your guests would expect.

4. Reputation

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find brilliant companies. That’s why reviews are such an important part of finding the perfect caterer. Before you book a kosher caterer in London, you should always look at review sites and read reviews to find out what people think about them.

In short, catering is one of the most important parts of your event, and it is important that you do everything you can to ensure that the caterers you hire are perfect for you and your guests.

Edible printing makes boring food attractive.

by Alfredo Walker
Edible printing makes boring food attractive.

What are edible prints?

It is used to decorate birthday cakes and desserts fit for human consumption. They come in different shapes and can be used to garnish our food items and make them all the more attractive and delicious.

Where Do We Use Edible Printing?

It can be seen at birthday parties, wedding parties, baby showers, and office parties. Whenever there is a birthday party, a birthday cake is a must, and the birthday cake looks extremely attractive these days.

Wedding cakes are also brought to wedding parties, and we often see miniatures of a bride and groom on the wedding cake. This is nothing but edible print.

We also buy cakes and desserts for official occasions, success parties, and baby showers, and they are also a must for such occasions.

Different types of edible presses

They come in different forms:

Food Pencils

 Glaze sheets

Edible Inks

Edible Printing Solutions

 Powdered sugar

Food Pens: If you have ever visited a pastry shop, you must have noticed a food pen. A food pen is used to write names on cakes, cupcakes, and other edibles. On your birthday, you must have asked to scribble your name on the birthday cake. This is done by the feeder itself. Food pens are made of food dyes, and therefore different food pens can give different colours according to our requirements.

Icing sheets: Icing sheets are very thin, tasteless, white-colored sheets that can be run through a printer. When it is printed and dried, it does not break or crack easily. It is easy to handle and is placed on food itemsToday we find various images, and even our own photos, printed on cakes. This is done with the help of icing sheets. Icing sheets are made with water, corn syrup, cornstarch, cellulose, glycerin, sugar, vanilla, etc.

Edible Inks: Edible inks are used to print images or graphics on the glaze sheets. The edible inks come in the form of cartridges that are placed in the printers to print the images onto the icing sheets. The edible inks are usually made of sugar solution and various food dyes and can print the images quite accurately.

Edible Printing Solutions: Edible printing solutions come in a wide variety of colors. When we buy an edible printing solution for our printer, we need to make sure that the company is real and that the product doesn’t hurt our health in any way.

Icing Sugar: Icing sugar is nothing but fine powdered sugar that can be used as a glaze over ice cream and pastries. It is also known as confectioners’ sugar. Powdered sugar can be used in recipes like fondant, marshmallows, and whipped cream fillings. It is made from edible cornstarch and sugar and gives an attractive appearance to bakery products and desserts.